Mars Paper


Version 1.0
1 and 2 level of development
Premium account:
Cost 15 BUSDT
Validity 30 days.
Bonus for selling resources and eggs + 30%
1 level
Premium account available
1 territory is available, the rest are in the fog.
Buildings and seedlings
1 - Colan's house
1 - Colan Warehouse
8 - plots for seedlings
1 - nursery for phoenixes
1 - mining module.
Saplings: Crystallion and Galocust
Home: A place where our cosmonauts can relax, and most importantly, exchange SPX for Gbaks and Gbaks for SPX.
Warehouse: A room for storing mined resources and their subsequent exchange for Gbaks.
Plots for seedlings: 8 mini plots for planting crystallion or halocust.
Nursery: Building object, by clicking on which you can buy Phoenixes, after the expiration of time, Phoenixes turn into golden eggs, which can be exchanged for Gbaks
Mining module: Mining technology has merged with the Tesla sphere, when the module starts mining Gbaks
Economy level 1:
Gala Bush\Crystallon: cost 20 GB, growth time 3 hours, production 5 units. Resources from a cell that can be exchanged for 25 GB. Nursery: building cost 50 gbak, building time 3 hours, after the building is completed, you can buy phoenixes, maximum placement is 8 phoenixes, the cost of each bird is 20 gbak, growth is 3 hours, after completion, each bird brings 1 golden Egg, the cost of selling eggs through the warehouse is 30 Gbaks.
Mining module:
Cost 300 BUSDT
Launch cost 300 Gbaks
Working time 24 hours
At the end, the player receives 3000 Gbaks.
2 level
Previous features available
3 new territories available
The cost of opening each territory is 50 BUSDT
Territory #2
Built to Increase Resources 8 slots available for planting crystallions or halocosts The cost of planting the entire field is 160 Gbaks, after 3 hours you get: 40 units of resources, which in turn can be exchanged for 200 Gbaks.
Territory #3
Designed for a kennel, it can hold 3 cages that can accommodate 24 phoenixes. The cost of buying 24 Phoenix is ​​480 GBax, after 3 hours you will receive: 24 golden egg, which can be exchanged for 720 GBax. The cost of building a nursery is 50x3 = 150 Gbaks, the construction time of each nursery is 3 hours, you can build at the same time.
Territory #4
Mixed type, designed for 2 nurseries and 4 seedling cells. The cost of planting 4 cells is 80 Gbucks, gives 20 units. resources that can be exchanged for 100 gbaks. 2 nurseries cost 50x2=100GBax which can house 16 phoenixes for 320GBx which will yield 16 golden eggs can be exchanged for 480Gbaks
V 1.2.