Mars Paper

Elon Mars

ElonMars white paper, last updated 11.01.2023
ElonMars is a crypto gaming platform, the project found its first inspiration in the Happy Harvest game as well as the SpaceX program and the desire of millions to colonize Mars. In the metaverse, participants are rewarded with Gbaks by playing and interacting with the ecosystem.
In ElonMars, players build their own farms on Mars to plant and harvest resources, grow phoenixes, install mining modules, participate in a development leaderboard race, and other events coming soon.
In addition, Elon Mars has a strong community that combines the characteristics of social networks, these interactions create an ideal environment for interaction with partner companies and “networking” between users.
Elon Mars is counting on economically responsible and sustainable design aimed at platform consolidation and longevity, and to that end, Elon Mars has implemented some innovations in the Play to Earn model.
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